747 Test Pilot

Ville Saint-Hubert, Longueuil, QC, Canada
Adresse St-Hubert, Qc.
Heures par semaine 12 heures par mois pour 6 mois

Description du poste

JMJ is looking for B747 pilot. for our important client operating two Boeing 747SP airplanes for engine development flight test work. These airplanes are in two différent configurations. One has the test engine positioned at the airplane number two engine position, while the other configuration has the test engine mounted on a Side Test Station (STS) located on a strengthened forward section of the upper right fuselage. In reference to the above statement, certain validation requires assistance from an experienced B-747 Engineering Test Pilot. The work to be completed may be summarized in three categories: AFM Supplement Development Crew guidance and mentoring Consulting duties associated with 747-Project Pilot Duties. Project scope of work is based on documenting and developing Project Pilot procedures as follows;

  • Provide guidance and recommendations with existing customers processes and procedures, as required, relating to the Scope of Work.
  • Develop and document Project Pilot processes and procedures within agreed timeframe
  • Continue developing lessons learned and Risk Assessment protocols and philosophies pertaining to the FTB’s.
  • Continue providing guidance and recommendations for Safety Reviews of flight testing.
  • Continue guiding and assisting in the development of Flight Test maneuvers and procedures as they pertain to the B747SP FTB’s.

Client requires the on-going assistance of an experienced 747 (classic) flight test pilot who is familiar with the maneuvers outlined in US FAA AC 25-7A, and who is experienced with propulsion system testing.


Must have an FAA pilot license

Must have experience on B747


Average of 12 to 18 hours of work per month 

Salary of  $165 CAD / hour

À propos de l'entreprise

JMJ Aéronautique Inc.

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